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    Hallo Frank, Wir wüns
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    Lieber Frank, Ich fre
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    Franky Alles Gute Fra
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    Auch ich möchte meine Gl
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    Grüß dich Frank Maar
   23.09.15 16:56
    Frank meine Guter, Au

Frank Maar Microsoft

Hochgeladen am 20.04.2008This training provides the following information: * High level introduction to the PRINCE2 Process Model * Shows relationship between processes and components * How projects starts and how it moves from one process to another * When, where and by who the important documents are created * Cover the role of the Project Manager and Project Board * How the project board control the project * And how a typical project closes* etc... see PodCast at MgmtPlaza.comsee for more informationCreated by Frank Turley Assisted by Eralp TezcanPRINCE2™ is a Trade Mark of the Office of Government Commerce.www.Management-Plaza..com PRINCE2 Podcast LearnPlazaKategorieBildungLizenzStandard-YouTube-Lizenz
23.9.15 11:25


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